Turntable of the fully packaged action figure with updated textures and a vintage flare added in. Narrowing in on the completion of this project.

Preliminary run at texturing. As you can see, I wanted to challenge myself by texturing Cuphead into a plastic action figure, rather than a 2D illustration.

This fan art work in progress is Inspired by the video game Cuphead ©. I wanted to challenge myself by interpreting a 2D character, and designing him to be brought into another dimension. Texturing and materials are next up along with some additional minor tweaks to the model.

Images from a recent tutorial that I publish, showing how to model a bamboo plant model that could be used for an architecture virtualization scene. I challenged myself to create an environment for the bamboo plant to exist in, while at the same time, not distracting from the plant itself.

Video from tutorial series can be found here: https://youtu.be/6R2qT5v_oF8

It’s been awhile since my last post! I’ve been busy researching ways to utilize VR within a production workflow as well as experimenting and testing this workflow for my latest personal project. I’ve challenged myself to create a fun, yet visually sophisticated ice cream scene.

Rather than using ZBrush for the sculpting and creation of the base mesh, I’ve utilized VR with Oculus medium to tackle this part of the pipeline. Both the ice cream mountain, as well as the skier were created using this workflow. Attached, you’ll see a breakdown of the preliminary workflow I’m using and refining over the course of this project.

My current attempts for the main compositing of the project. The current challenge is to incorporate the motion graphics in a way that is non-intrusive. Next up, is the audio mixing and final composition of the piece.

Additionally I’ve also included some workflow snapshots of how I designed certain aspects of the project. For example, the GIFs attached, are showing the work flow and design of the keyboard. This approach, automated and decreased the modeling time considerably.

My latest personal project. I’ve challenged myself to combine elements of 2D motion graphics with 3D to make a seamless, short marketing video for a theoretical keyboard manufacturer. This is my current efforts thus far.

Current work in progress of a personal project dealing with the theme of telecommunications and radio.